About Me

Erika Barnes

Welcome to Petsmitten!

I’m Erika Barnes, a canine behavioral and nutritional specialist, dog trainer, and the lead content creator of Petsmitten, an online resource dedicated to helping anyone and everyone find the answers to a plethora of questions about their four-legged friends. 

Why Did I Create PetSmitten?

Petsmitten is my way of helping pet owners to help themselves so that they can be the best parents and caregivers they possibly can be for their four-legged friends.

Hopefully, you’ll find the answer to whatever it is that’s been bothering you here, but even if you don’t, I guarantee that you’ll learn something new by reading through the content and features that are regularly updated. 

A Word Of Caution

I’m a behavioral and nutritional specialist. I’m not a veterinarian. If you’re looking for the answers to a canine medical or health-related issue, please book an appointment with your vet surgery and seek professional medical advice. 

You won’t find the answers to your specific dog’s needs on the Internet, so again, if your dog has a medical or health problem, please book an appointment for them with your local veterinary surgery and seek professional medical advice. 

More About Me

I live just outside of Denver, Colorado, with my husband and two children. We’re blessed to live reasonably close to amazing forest walks and the spacious outdoors.

This is simply perfect because my Rhodesian Ridgeback, Henry, just loves to release his boundless energy by running around and having the time of his life!

Henry As A Pub

Henry’s coat is black, not the traditional color of a Rhodesian ridgeback. This is because he is 1/4 Rhodesian ridgeback. He has the ridge.

Growing up, we’ve always had lots of pets. And by lots, I mean lots! My parents were also animal lovers, and you’ll see what I mean when I list out the various animals we’ve been blessed to provide a home for.

We’ve had dogs, cats, hamsters, horses, rabbits, mice, birds, and even a pet lamb!

About Petsmitten

There’s just something wonderful about being surrounded by loving animals that brings us closer to nature. It’s indescribable, and I’m certainly not doing it any justice here.

Hopefully, my passion for animals and pets will come across in the content I blog about on this website. Writing is also a relatively recent passion of mine, so I could not think of a better way to satisfy both passions together!


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