Are Dogs Allowed in Cabela’s?

Is Cabela’s Dog Friendly? Are Dogs Allowed In?

The short answer is yes, dogs are allowed into Cabela’s.

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However, there may be some local exceptions (exclusionary of service dogs) based on individual state laws.

The individual store manager has the discretion to choose not to allow entry if they feel the situation calls for it.

That being said, at Cabela’s, it’s not just service dogs that are permitted to enter.

This popular hunting, fishing, and camping retail outlet have an ultra-friendly policy allowing all breeds of dogs.

So now that we know that Cabelas is a dog-friendly store, we still recommend that you check with your local store ahead of time.

If there are no prohibitions, feel free to bring your best four-legged friend when you visit.

Just be sure to keep your pet on a short leash and under your control at all times.

A pup would just want to run around and explore every inch of the retail store, especially the dog kennel department!

So, don’t forget that puppy leash!

Official Dog Policy for Cabela’s

Are dogs allowed in Cabela’s? It’s a common refrain.

As stated above, Cabela’s retail stores are dog friendly and open to all breeds, but there may be a need to prohibit entry based on State or local jurisdiction or concerns of the specific branch manager.

For the convenience of dog owners, Cabela’s retail stores do have a certain number of individual indoor/outdoor kennels available near the parking lot for use at no charge.

Dogs may be left in the kennels while shoppers visit the store and complete their purchases. The kennels are cleaned and sanitized after each use.

There is a $5.00 deposit fee for the use of the outdoor kennels as a padlock is furnished by Cabela’s. This fee will be refunded to the dog owner upon its return.

There is no fee or deposit for the use of the indoor kennels.

This makes Cabelas a popular spot among pet owners thanks to their friendly pet policy.

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Positive Reviews From Customers Who Were Happy With Cabela’s Dog Policy

Dog lovers like to know and share information about the outlets that give a green light to bring their pets inside.

And if they do allow entry, they want to know if there are exceptions or specific rules to follow.

Although Cabelas is a pet-friendly store in general, the Wisconsin stores do not permit them in food and beverage areas.

Many people like to shop with their dogs, particularly to help them socialize with other adorable puppies.

Knowing the rules ahead of time can make the shopping experience a more pleasant one.

Customers Who Were Unhappy With Cabela’s Dog Policy

In online complaint forums, some shoppers have questioned why are dogs allowed in Cabelas at all, even service dogs.

Many Cabela’s outlets have cafeteria-style restaurants or other services where food is prepared and served and some have expressed concerns for public health.

Other shoppers have complained online that their shopping trip experience might be less than ideal due to their existing allergies to pet dander.

Still, others simply don’t care for dogs and in some cases are afraid of them (even a small dog).

Being aware of individual store policies can help guide consumers on whether to shop online or in person.

Does Cabela’s Dog Policy Vary By Location?

Cabela’s Service Animals and Dog Policies may vary from location to location.

Some stores, for example, may allow dogs, but prohibit them (with the exception of service dogs) in food service areas.

State and local prohibitions may also apply.

If you plan to bring your dog when shopping at Cabela’s, be sure to first call the local store to check on their policy.

Tips For When Going to Cabela’s With A Dog

If you’re looking for something specific or just want to check out the latest hunting, fishing, or camping gear, then you’ll likely be looking forward to your next trip to Cabela’s.

Depending on your dog’s disposition, however, he may very well be EXCITED to go.

And if he encounters new people or other dogs, as he undoubtedly will, he may get even more enthusiastic.

Taking your dog for a short walk ahead of time to relieve himself will help avoid accidents happening in the store.

However, if your pet does make a mess, be sure to inform a member of the Cabela’s team so it can be cleaned up.

If your dog is inclined to chew on things when hungry, a small meal or snack ahead of time may also help curb such behavior.

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