Are Dogs Allowed in Church for Wedding?

How Can You Make It Possible for Your Dog to Attend Your Wedding?

If marriage is in your near future and you like to include your dog in everything, you may be fantasizing about something like the wedding scene in 101 Dalmatians.

Unfortunately, though, arranging for your dog to attend your wedding may not be that simple.

Also, if you include your dog in the reception, some food could be tempting, and the noise could be too much.

You will need to let your guests know if you plan to have your dog at your wedding. Allergies and fears need to be taken into consideration.

Where to Start

First, make sure that your dog is housebroken and not aggressive.

If your dog is anxious, sorry, but it probably wouldn’t do well at a wedding.

Make sure that it has at least a few commands, such as “sit!” and “stay!” nailed down.

Also, it would be wise for you and your partner to keep the dog on a leash and assign someone to hold it at certain times.

Also, if your dog is still a puppy, it may not be wise to have it at your wedding at this point.

Most puppies are very energetic and wouldn’t yet understand that you and your guests aren’t there to play with them.

How to Have Your Dog Help You at Your Wedding

One way to help create a win-win situation with your dog is to have it take over one of the roles in your wedding.

In some roles, however, it will need to be trained well ahead of time.

Practical roles can include:

Dogsmaid or Dogman

Your dog can sit with one of your bridesmaids or groomsmen.

We’re assuming you would probably prefer your maid of honor or your best man so that your dog can stay as close as possible to you.

Whoever you choose for your dog to be next to, make sure your dog knows him or her and that he or she and your dog get along well.

Assistant to the Flower Girl

Most little girls would love to have a dog by their side to hold the basket while they flutter the petals down the aisle.

Do be sure that your flower petals are non-toxic for dogs in case it thinks they’re treats and sneak in a taste.

Ring Bearer

Dogs may not have hands the way that humans do.

However, the rings can easily be secured to the collar or harness with a ribbon. You can also use a ring holder if you’re afraid your dog may lose the rings too easily.

A Guest of Honor

If your dog does best in a least stressful role, it can sit at the front as a guest of honor with one of your parents.

Consider Your Source and Arrange Accordingly

If you’re planning to have your wedding in a specific venue or church, your question is, are dogs allowed in church for a wedding, may, unfortunately, be no.

However, if you make your wedding an event venue, especially outdoors, that may be more dog-friendly.

Again, be sure that all of your guests, DJ, and vendors know that your dog will be present in case of allergies or phobias.

Especially if you’re going to do an outdoor event, be sure that your dog is with someone it trusts at all times.

After its starring role is over, it may need food, water, or a potty break.

As a result, be sure to pack a handy bag for your dog that includes everything you think it’ll need.

Be sure to take your dog to your wedding location several times before your big day. That will give it a chance to acclimate itself to the new territory.

Also, be sure to go over the routine with your dog both at the venue and at home. Almost all pets do best with consistency, and dogs are no exception.

Wedding Attire for Your Dog

When it comes to attire for your dog, be cautious.

First, dressing your dog up in a complete outfit is not recommended. It needs enough room to go to the bathroom safely. There’s also the danger of overheating.

If your wedding’s going to be outdoors and it’s cool or cold out, a dog-sized sweater that fits the color scheme or the theme of your wedding may be appropriate.

However, if your dog’s better off going au naturalle, go with a lovely matching color ribbon or accessorizing the leash or harness.

With the leash or harness, you can stick on flowers or colored ribbon bows that match the color of your wedding.

Photography Tips

If your dog will be at your wedding, make sure that your photographer is experienced with animal photography. Even the most well-behaved dog can get set off unexpectedly.

If that does happen, though, think of it as a funny memory to share.

If Your Dog Can’t Be at the Wedding

If your dog can’t be at your wedding physically, there are still plenty of ways to include it in spirit.:

  • On your invitations, webpage, save-the-date cards
  • Include a trinket that represents your dog with the happy couple one on the cake
  • Dog-themed table accessories, such as dog place cards, paw-shaped napkins, paw- or doghead-shaped confetti
  • Wearing a piece of jewelry representing a dog, such as a paw print or a picture of your dog’s breed. If you’re purchasing your wedding clothes and can afford to, you can embed a patch representing your dog.
  • Include your dog in a family photo of the thank-you notes