Are Dogs Allowed in Costco?

Is Costco Dog Friendly? Are Dogs Allowed in Costco?

When wondering, “does Costco allow dogs inside?” look no further than their national policy.

Because Costco is an establishment containing a food court that sells food, it is bound by health and safety laws to not allow pets inside their stores.

That said, under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), Costco must allow service dogs inside stores.

Costco’s official pet policy on their site is as follows:

“In compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), Costco has adopted a service animal policy. Be assured that Costco members accompanied by service animals have immediate access to our warehouses.”

In short, this statement means that service dogs are allowed, but any other pet or emotional support animal is not allowed in Costco stores for food hygiene reasons as it does sell and prepare food.

Customer Reviews

Positive Reviews From Customers Who Were Happy With Costco’s Dog Policy

When finding out that the answer to the question, “are dogs allowed in Costco?” is no, look at fellow customers for reasons why that may be.

One blogger notes that, despite being a dog owner and lover, they are okay with the policy because some people are allergic to or afraid of dogs.

They also say that they understand why pets would not be allowed inside Costco stores because of the health risks.

Another reviewer notes that they are grateful for Costco’s friendliness towards their service dog.

They mentioned that the store employees recognize the service dog and regularly give him treats.

The employees know the dog’s name but not necessarily the dog owner’s name!

Customers Who Were Unhappy With Costco’s Dog Policy

Invariably, others are not so happy with Costco’s “no pets” policy.

One reviewer says that they wish Costco would implement regulations that let pets in the stores, saying:

“One thing that Costco can consider is keeping a dog on a leash. This can be set as a prerequisite for allowing the owner to bring their dogs inside… It is also a possibility to have a pets-allowed schedule set.”

A Facebook user also left a review, stating that she felt it was unfair that Costco allows official service animals but doesn’t allow emotional support animals, not even a small dog.

She says she was asked to leave the store with her emotional support chihuahua in her bag and was

“upset that [she] was harassed so extremely over a dog.”

The poor pup!

However, it is important to keep in mind that therapy animals like emotional support animals (ESAs) do not have the same legal rights as service animals.

This legality is likely the reason Costco does not allow ESAs in their stores.

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Does Costco’s Dog Policy Vary by Location?

Unfortunately for dog lovers, Costco’s “no pets” policy is consistent with every location they have.

This consistency is likely because they are an establishment that sells food and, in compliance with health and safety laws, cannot allow animals inside areas that sell or prepare food.

In compliance with the ADA, however, Costco does allow dog owners to take their service animals inside their stores.

This is consistent within every Costco and Costco Wholesale store.

Tips for Going to Costco with a Pet Dog

Because Costco does not allow pets or emotional support animals in their stores, it is best to leave dogs at home when going out to shop for Costco deals!

If pet owners are bringing a service dog, it is best to follow all common courtesy and training that comes with having a service animal.

If a dog is truly a service dog, the expensive training the dog has undergone will be more than sufficient for behaving well in Costco.

Final Thoughts

Costco’s policy is that they do not allow pets or emotional support animals inside their stores, but they do allow service dogs per the ADA.

This policy is likely because they comply with health and safety mandates that state that animals are not allowed in establishments with a grocery store that sells or prepares food.

Unless one’s dog is a service animal, it is best to leave the dog at home and comply with Costco’s policy.

This compliance will ensure that everyone involved stays safe and does not get into unnecessary arguments.

In short, Costco shoppers should be kind and courteous and keep pets at home when visiting their local Costco.

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