Are dogs allowed in CVS Pharmacy?

Is CVS Dog Friendly? Are Dogs Allowed In?

Are dogs allowed in CVS Pharmacy? CVS is a dog friendly store in many locations.

In stores that do welcome dogs, there are no restrictions on breeds. Whether a location allows non-service dogs or not may depend on the area where the store is.

If you want to bring your dog to CVS, consider asking the store staff first.

The employees will be able to answer your questions. You shouldn’t need to do this for a service animal.

Official Dog Policy for CVS

CVS Pharmacy doesn’t have a company-wide policy governing whether CVS allows dogs inside.

However, in the CVS Pharmacy store locations that do welcome dogs, all breeds are generally welcome.

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Local regulations may also play a role in whether dogs are welcome.

Service dogs are always welcome under the Americans with Disabilities Act.

Because they assist owners living with a disability, these dogs are allowed in areas usually off-limits to dogs, including an emotional support animal.

There are no local or state regulations that overrule the ADA.

Positive Reviews From Customers Who Were Happy With CVS’s Dog Policy

Many customers curious about knowing whether dogs are allowed in CVS Pharmacy will be pleased to know that their dog might be allowed in.

Read about some of the comments that people have made about a somewhat dog-friendly store:

One CVS customer mentioned how her local CVS location has dog treats available by the registers. This customer prefers shopping at the site because the staff is always friendly to her dog.

For many customers, little things like this make a significant difference for the pet.

Another customer that lives in a location where their CVS store allows dogs finds this policy convenient.

She describes getting her prescription medication and going to the cleaners and bank without leaving her pet dog at home.

Customers Who Were Unhappy With CVS’s Dog Policy

Even though many a dog owner is pleased to hear that the answer to do CVS allow dogs inside is sometimes yes, others are not happy with this policy.

Some feel that the policy is not inclusive enough. Others think that non-service dogs never belong in stores.

Here are some thoughts expressed online:

One customer was disappointed that CVS does not allow dogs in all locations. This man felt that allowing pet dogs into the store would be a better policy.

For this customer, permitting all dogs would help demonstrate their importance as family members.

Another customer expressed concern about nuisance behavior. This woman felt that only service dogs have the right training to behave in stores.

The customer felt that making exceptions to service dog-only rules hurts the cause of service animals.

Does CVS’s Dog or Pet Policy Vary By Location?

Although CVS typically allows only service dogs, some locations welcome all dogs, including pets.

According to one customer in Greenville, South Carolina, the downtown CVS location is welcoming to all dogs. This customer finds the location and dog-friendly policy convenient.

Owners who are curious about whether their dogs will be welcome in this chain’s locations would benefit from checking with store staff.

Ideally, this information should come from the store manager.

Like many other retail chains, individual managers often have broad discretion in how they enforce policies.

This Corgi Is Probably Wondering Are Dogs Allowed In Cvs Pharmacy?

5 Tips For A Pet Owner When Going to CVS With A Dog

Pet parents with dogs enjoy opportunities to bring their dogs shopping with them. However, not all CVS locations allow non-service dogs.

Following some essential tips will help make it easier for stores to continue being accommodating to dog owners for their furry friends.

1. Feed Your Dog or Pup Before Going to the Store

Well-fed dogs are usually going to behave better.

Also, dogs with full stomachs are less food-obsessed. Bring treats if necessary. When a dog or young pup can stay focused, they are less likely to get distracted and act out.

Another advantage of feeding dogs first is that they are less likely to raid food products on the shelves. You don’t want your dog ingesting anything potentially harmful.

The staff will also appreciate not having your dog makes a mess of a dog food bag.

2. Make Sure Your Dog “Does Their Business” Before Entering

Make sure your dog relieves itself before you go into the store. Always be a good neighbor and clean up any poop.

When your dog has already gone to the bathroom, they are less likely to have an accident. The CVS employee will really appreciate not having to clean up the doggy mess.

If you notice your dog sniffing an area excessively, watch carefully.

Another dog may have used that spot, making your dog think it is an excellent place to go. Should your dog have an accident, let the store staff know quickly.

3. Use a Crate or Carrier When Appropriate

You can easily keep your small dog in a crate or some other type of carrier. Examples of carriers include dog strollers or backpacks.

These carriers are safe alternatives to leashes for small dogs.

If your smaller dog gets anxious, a carrier might be a better alternative to walking on a leash. Using a carrier will help prevent bad encounters with other dogs.

4. Reduce Stress as Much as Possible

Stay as calm and low-key as possible. Remember that if you’re stressed, your dog will be stressed as well.

When your dog shows signs of stress around other dogs, its contact with the other dog should be avoided.

Give other dogs, and their owners appropriate space.

5. Use a Leash at All Times

A leash will help you stay in control. One of the advantages of leashing a dog is teaching proper boundaries.

When another dog approaches, you can control a leashed dog more easily. Consider a head halter or harness if your dog pulls a lot.

Final Thoughts on CVS, the Pet-Friendly Store

Although dogs are not allowed in every CVS location without being service dogs, they are welcome in many locations. This is good news for dog lovers.

Checking with your local store is the best way to find out about its pet policy.

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