Are Dogs Allowed in Kittery Trading Post?

Is Kittery Trading Post Dog Friendly? Are Dogs Allowed In Kittery Trading Post?

Pet dogs are not allowed in Kittery Trading Post but the popular hunting, fishing, camping, and sports retail outlet does provide a number of courtesy seasonal outside dog kennels so pets can be comfortable while shoppers are inside the store.

Service animals are permitted inside in compliance with ADA requirements.

Official Dog Policy for Kittery Trading Post

Are dogs allowed in Kittery Trading Post? We couldn’t find any definitive answer on their website, but Gary Littley, Main Floor Division Manager at Kittery Trading Post set us straight:

Our Pet policy has to follow Maine State law. Pets are not allowed in the store, as the law states it is unlawful for any person to bring an animal into a store where food is sold for human consumption or into a restaurant where food is prepared and served on the premises. This does not apply to a person requiring the services of a service animal. We prepare and sell food via Fudge and Roasted Nuts at our fudge counter. If a customer informs us that their dog is a service animal it is allowed in the store, and we provide the use of complementary outdoor seasonal kennels on our property for our customers whose dogs are pets.

Positive Reviews From Customers Who Were Happy With Kittery Trading Post’s Dog Policy

We checked out some of the online reviews about Kittery Trading Post and there were a number of people who expressed pleasure in having the option to kennel their dogs for free while they shopped.

Julie B of Hinkley, Maine wrote in 2016 that she liked the “courtesy dog kennels with locks out back to give your pet a break from the car.” And Bryan of Danvers, Massachusetts referred to it as a “genius idea.”

In her post entitled “Fantastic Dog Facilities,” Emma G. of Poole, Dorset in the United Kingdom wrote: Perfect! They have complimentary kennels, just collect a key from the North Entrance Info Desk! So no concerns to go shopping.

Still another contributor from Kensington, Canada wrote: They have some kennels that you can use, complimentary!!!!!! (And yes, there were indeed six exclamation points.) How awesome is that? added the poster.

For the record, we think it IS pretty awesome!

Customers Who Were Unhappy With Kittery Trading Post’s Dog Policy

Unfortunately, John and Cher of Ashford, Connecticut were not nearly so pleased. “I am absolutely, positively furious that I was unable to enter the store because I had an 8-pound dog in a stroller that was covered by mesh,” wrote one of the two.

The poster further complained. “I’m looking around this parking lot right now and there are animals stuck in hot vehicles because you do not have accommodations for these pets! Unacceptable, will not be back!”

Does Kittery Trading Post’s Dog Policy Vary By Location?

Kittery Trading Post has only one location. You can find them at 301 US-1, Kittery, ME 03904.

Tips For When Going to Kittery Trading Post With A Dog

The Kittery Trading Post website states they offer courtesy (as in free!) seasonal kennels where folks can leave their dogs while they shop. Here’s what Gary Littley says about them:

“We have a total of six Kennels that each have an individual lock and key for pet safety, and we provide water for the pets. Although there is no official set date for opening and closing because of outdoor weather conditions and changes in season, I would say they are available May though October.”

But what happens if you are shopping off-season when kennels aren’t available? Or if all the kennels have been taken?

Kittery Trading Post is a 90,000-square-foot retail outdoor specialty sports operation. In other words, it’s HUGE! It’s the type of store where people shop, browse and discover interesting and exciting new things to buy.

And that often leads to lingering in the store. If you have your dog with you when you want to shop and a kennel is not available, it’s best to either bring him home where he’ll be safe and comfortable or plan to shop another time.

Never, EVER leave your dog alone in your vehicle in extreme heat or cold. It would seem to be common sense, but if we take the word of the unhappy commenter from Ashford, Connecticut, it appears there are a lot of people who don’t have it.

If the weather is neither too hot nor too cold and you’re sure you can get in and out in ten minutes’ time, it’s probably okay, especially if you park in the shade–but again, it’s a big store. Chances are you may end up in a long checkout line.

If you must bring your dog along with you when you shop, go with a friend.

Kittery Trading Post also has outdoor picnic facilities where dogs are most welcome, so you can run inside to make your purchase while your friend entertains Fido outside.

Just be sure to leave her with some poop pick-up bags. That’s common courtesy.

By the way, be sure to bring a few chewy toys, water, and a bowl so your pet will be comfortable in your absence. While you’re at it, pick up a snack inside for your friend. Remember, she’s doing you a favor!

Final Thoughts

As much as we would love to take our pets nearly everywhere, not every store will accommodate our desires, and as responsible pet owners, we need to be prepared for such situations.

It’s nice that more and more stores like Kittery Trading Post are beginning to offer reasonable compromises such as theirs.

However, if you find you cannot bring your pet inside a store and a comfortable kennel option is not provided, leaving a pet in a hot or freezing cold car, no matter how short the trip, is never an acceptable solution.