Are Dogs Allowed In Starbucks?

Is Starbucks Dog Friendly? Are Dogs Allowed In?

Do you bring your dog with you everywhere you go? If so, you surely want to visit your favorite coffee shop Starbucks.

Imagine relaxing at Starbucks as you sip your coffee and hold your dog in your arms or have them nearby. This dream can become a reality the next time you run errands and stop by the famous coffee shop!

Are dogs allowed in Starbucks? Yes, dogs are permitted at Starbucks as long as they remain in the outdoor patio area. Starbucks has a history of welcoming dogs and they have even created a special drink called the “Puppuccino.” This tasty dog-friendly treat is a cup an espresso-sized cup filled with foamed milk or whipped cream only. This means your pup will enjoy a creamy delight as much as you do your coffee.

Official Dog Policy For Starbucks

Will dogs be let into Starbucks? The official dog policy for Starbucks reveals that only service animals are allowed indoors while all pets are welcome outside on the dog-friendly patio.

Dogs that are intended to be service animals need to wear a vibrant colored vest that has the words “Service Dog” located in an easy-to-see location.

In addition to the vest, each person should also be prepared to show proof the dog is registered as a service animal. This allows the staff at Starbucks to understand the dog is working and not just a pet.

Most baristas will ask for identification before you place your order. Some wave this formality if it’s obvious the dog is working and providing service. Typically, baristas are required to ask questions and for identification regarding service dogs in the establishment.

As a patron, you need to be prepared to indicate the type of support your dog provides such as a seeing-eye guide dog, an epilepsy warning dog, or an emotional support animal.

The official dog policy for a Starbucks store is encouraged in every location. However, if in doubt, dog owners can check with your local Starbucks before visiting to ensure the rules didn’t change.

Reviews from Customers Who Talk Online About Starbucks Dog Policy

Reviews about bringing your dog to Starbucks are mixed and often debated through online forums. Some customers prefer not to have dogs indoors or outdoors at Starbucks.

A common complaint is people taking advantage of the dog friendly store by making their pet a service or therapy animal just so they can bring them anywhere they go. That’s unfair to pass the pet off as an emotional support dog.

Customers who are more pet-friendly don’t mind the dogs and often find them cute and well-behaved while visiting the outdoor patio.

Pet parents, enjoy the option to bring their dog along to Starbucks, even if it’s through the drive-thru to pick up a few things and order a special Puppuccino for their furry companion.

He'S Wondering Are Dogs Allowed In Starbucks?

Tips For Going To Starbucks With A Dog

The good news is service and pets are allowed through the drive-thru area as long as the animal stays securely in the car.

This option is excellent for those who don’t want to leave their dog tied up outside while they enter the coffee shop.

You can simply place your order at the drive-thru of any Starbucks location and then park and relax with your dog on the outdoor patio with dog-friendly seating.

Keep reading for more tips for going to Starbucks even with a small dog.

  • Your furry friend needs to wear a collar or harness and be leashed at all times.
  • If your dog is a pet, be prepared to tie them outdoors in a safe place or ask someone to watch your dog and hold the leash while you go indoors to place the order.
  • Always have the service dog vest on your dog.
  • Be prepared to answer questions about your dog.
  • Socialize your pooch to ensure they behave well in small areas with a lot of people.
  • Pay attention to your dog’s behavior while at Starbucks to ensure the other customers are not being jumped on or barked at while they eat.

The Starbucks official policy is that service animals are only allowed indoors while pets are welcomed outdoors.

Starbucks has gone above and beyond to welcome dogs and their pet parents to their facility.

If you adhere to the rules, you will feel comfortable taking your pet dog to Starbucks every time. Get Fido ready and hop in the car and go visit your nearest Starbucks.

Enjoy the luxury of bringing your dog to the world-famous coffee chain and don’t forget to order your pet a Starbucks Puppuccino!

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