Are Dogs Allowed in Value Village?

Is Value Village Dog Friendly? Are Dogs Allowed In?

Have you ever wondered, “are dogs allowed in value village?”

Value Village do not seem to have an official dog policy. So if you want to bring your dog to the store, you should call up the local manager and ask. Service dogs are allowed.

If you are bringing your dog to Value Village, be sure to have them fitted with a safe and comfortable harness.

Comfortable Dog Harness
Comfortable Dog Harness
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Since Value Village is not a grocery store, restaurant, or establishment that prepares and serves food to its customers, they don’t have to adhere to the FDA or Food and Drug Administration’s Food Guide.

This guide prohibits animals from entering these types of establishments because it poses a health and safety concern.

Animals are considered unsanitary and do not mix with food because there is a possibility of contamination.

Dogs are banned, as well as cats, birds, or any other type of pet.

However, dog enforcement dogs are permitted into grocery stores and other food establishments as well as service animals, as long as they are accompanied by and in control of their owner.

The store does have the right to restrict access to certain areas, even to service dogs, but they do need to accompany their disabled owner who depends on them.

Depending on what state you live in, if you have a service dog, they will need to be identifiable with a tag, coat, or harness.

Emotional Support Animals and Service Dogs

Some stores will recognize emotional support animals as a necessary aide to their owner, while others do not.

If you are ever unsure whether or not you can bring your dog into an establishment, it is always best to speak to the manager about their pet policy.

For example, if you need your dog to accompany you in places that trigger anxiety or stress, you could talk to the manager of Value Village and tell them the reason why you depend on your dog.

They may listen and allow you to bring your furry companion with you if it means that you will be a happy a customer.

It may not hurt to point out that you would like to become a loyal customer, but that it may not be possible without your little helper by your side.

Qualifications of a Service Dog

According to, “Businesses, nonprofit organizations, and state and local governments that serve the public are generally required to allow service dogs to accompany people with disabilities in any areas open to the public.

This would include restaurants, grocery stores, retail stores, hotels, office buildings, school campuses, parks, and other establishments open to the public.”

A service dog can be any breed of dog, and you can choose to have your dog professionally trained, or you can train your dog yourself.

In other words, your dog does not need to complete any specific training or be trained by a specific school in order to be recognized as a certified service dog.

Does Value Village’s Dog Policy Vary By Location?

Some establishments and chains have to adhere to the same rules and guidelines, but they do have a little bit of wiggle room.

If you don’t see any postings stating their pet policy, usually on the door, you should ask to speak to the manager.

It is usually best to speak to the manager because sometimes employees are new or don’t know all the store’s policies, as well as the store’s manager, will.

They will likely appreciate that you took the time to ask them rather than just bring your dog into their store anyway.

And since Value Village is a retail store, they are much more likely to let you bring your loyal dog with you than, say, a grocery store or establishment that serves food to people.

Tips For When Going to Value Village With A Dog

If you are bringing your dog with your to shop at Value Village, but your dog is not a certified service dog, it is much more likely that you will be allowed to bring your dog if it is well-behaved.

If it is completely out of control, even a service dog can be asked to leave the store.

If your dog doesn’t seem to enjoy going shopping with you, it could be that it doesn’t like the bright lights, noise, or crowds that a shopping center can sometimes present.

Try to shop at calmer times of the day and keep your initial shopping trips short and sweet. Make sure that your dog has had the chance to relieve itself beforehand, and make sure your dog is comfortable.

Sitting in a shopping cart may not be ideal for bringing your dog, so keep your pooch on a short leash or bring a portable carrier if it’s small enough.

Bring a blanket and toy for it to play with. If you have tried multiple visits to the store and shopping still doesn’t seem to be your dog’s cup of tea, you may want to try some training sessions with a professional trainer.

If you are a bit of a DIYer and you are confident that you could train your own dog, there are plenty of online and printed resources that can help you.

Remember to be happy and calm yourself-if you are anxious or feeling uneasy because your dog will pick it up.

Go shopping when you have time, and you are not rushed, and avoid shopping on an empty stomach when you may feel less than trilled to go on a shopping trip.

Avoiding shopping when the store is packed can also help alleviate a lot of stress when you go shopping.

Final Thoughts

The answer to the question, “are dogs allowed in value village?” is yes, but only if your dog is a service dog.

And since Value Village is a chain of stores, they will adhere to the same store policies.

A small, locally-owned store is more likely to be lenient and dog-friendly since the owner can decide whether or not they want to allow dogs into their store and what is in their policy.

Don’t assume that bringing your dog into Value Village is a no-no until you talk to somebody.