Are Dogs Allowed on Uber Rides?

Are Uber Rides Dog Friendly? Are Dogs Allowed on Uber Rides?

For those wondering, “are dogs allowed on Uber rides?” Uber has it covered.

While pets are not allowed in Uber rides in general, Uber recognizes the need to take pets traveling.

To allow people to take their pets with them on rides, Uber has “Uber Pet,” where one can request a cab that lets pets on board.

These rides cost more (usually $5 extra) than a typical trip, presumably because of the extra dangers that can come with an animal in a car.

This special pet taxi is requested via the Uber app. There’s an Uber pet option there for your adorable furry friend.

Uber’s site also notes that,

“if your pet leaves waste, excessive hair, or damages the vehicle, you could be charged a cleaning fee.”

The site also states that if a pet owner brings more than one dog or service animal, they will need to ask the Uber driver’s permission.

There is no breed or size restriction for Uber pet trips.

That said, service dogs are allowed on any Uber ride per ADA guidelines.

Customer Reviews

Positive Reviews From Customers Who Were Happy With Uber’s Dog Policy

When wondering, “does Uber allow dogs to travel on Uber rides?” and whether it is even worth it, take fellow customers’ reviews as answers.

One Reddit user says of his pet-friendly ride, “it’s really made my life easier.”

Another animal lover reviewer was glad they selected the Uber pet feature when they had to take their dog to the vet.

“It took a while for someone to fully accept the ride, but no issues at all.”

Customers Who Were Unhappy With Uber’s Dog Service Animal Policy

On the other hand, many customers have left reviews saying that their driver took advantage of their wallet by falsely claiming that their pets made messes in their car.

That’s an extra challenge, especially if the dog is an emotional support animal.

One Reddit user says that on a ride picking up their dog from the vet, the dog was waking up from sedation and was in a carrier.

The carrier was dry, so the owner knows the dog didn’t pee, but the Uber driver claimed the seats were wet with pee.

Uber trusted him, and the customer had to pay the extra cleaning fee.

The reviewer warns public transportation users, “Uber’s policy says pets in carriers are fine, but maybe take pictures of your seats before and after.”

Another reviewer says that even when using Uber Pet specifically, the Uber driver will come to pick them up and drive off without them once they see they have a dog passenger.

It seems that drivers are often unaware that they are picking up a pet, making it difficult for pet owners to get a ride.

One way to avoid this miscommunication is for the dog owner to message the taxi driver ahead of time and let them know a pet will be onboard.

It seems to be at the Uber driver’s discretion within select cities. We’re unsure if the same applies on the Lyft platform for a Lyft ride.

Are Dogs Allowed On Uber Rides?

Does Uber Allow Dogs Policy Vary by Location?

Uber Pet is currently available all across the US in select cities.

The availability of an Uber Pet ride may vary based on how many drivers are in a specific area, but that is true of any Uber service.

Uber’s pet policy for dogs as far as the extra fee and disclaimers remain the same wherever one can get an Uber Pet ride.

Tips for How To Take A Dog On Uber

When taking an Uber ride with a dog, it is best to bring items along that will help keep the driver’s car as clean as possible.

For example, one may bring a blanket to put over the car seats if they bring a large dog that cannot fit in a carrier.

If bringing along a small dog, pet lovers might consider keeping it in a carrier while in the car.

It is also a good idea to take pictures of the inside of the vehicle before and after entering in order to prove that the vehicle was left in the same condition in which it was entered.

Always be courteous to the driver and respect their wishes as it is their personal vehicle in which the ride is taking place.

This courteousness will ensure a positive interaction for all involved.

Final Thoughts On Can I Bring A Dog In Uber

While Uber does have Uber Pet, it is still best to message or call the driver beforehand to make absolutely sure that they know a dog will be onboard.

One should also take every precaution to ensure the car is as clean as when the ride began by bringing a crate for the dog, a muzzle, a blanket to cover the seats, an air freshener, etc.

While Uber Pet rides cost more than a typical ride, the charge is only to ensure a positive experience for all involved, including the driver.

It is also important to tip the driver well as the added time it can take to get the dog in and out of the car can cut back on their earnings for the day.

Always be courteous and mindful of others, and the Uber Pet experience should be a wonderful one.

Other Places Where Dogs May Or May Not Be Allowed?

As a dog owner, I wanted to get the official word on whether dogs are allowed in certain places.

So, I’ve researched and written some reports based on what I have discovered.